Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Welcome to my site!

About this blog:
   While my knowledge may be vast and all-encompassing, my documented experiences with various disparate (and often extremely specific) projects are few and scattered across various message boards and hosting sites throughout the Internet. This site is intended to contain little bits of useful information and photos, in short, the info that I wish I had before starting these projects.

About myself:
   Who cares. Next topic.

What you should expect to find here:
   You may expect a lot of links to start with, as I try to collect whatever interesting tidbits I've posted in the last decade and make them available under this roof, in a manner of speaking. In the future I will upload the articles directly to this blog, if possible.
   You may also encounter photo-memes of myself. Just ignore them and hope they go away.

What you should NOT expect to find here:
   I will try to avoid cute animations, stupid GIFs, fancy backgrounds and glamour shots. You came here for information and maybe entertainment, not to have your bandwidth assaulted by fly-in menus and changing background photos. This website will be UGLY.

Thanks for visiting, please don't hesitate to call me out on any mis-information or bad advice that will undoubtedly pop up here!

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